Monkeypox Infection

Monkeypox is a viral disease and kind of a zoonotic infection which means spread from animals to humans. As well as person to person. There are several symptoms that we can identify. Some have mild symptoms and others have sever symptoms. Pregnant women, children and those with impaired systems are higher risk for serious illness or complications. The most customary symptoms are headache, back pain, swollen lymph nodes, low energy ,fever.

Most predominant symptom is rash which can exist for two or three weeks. It can see in face, palms, hands, throat ,groin, even in genital or anal regions of the body. The lesions can occur one to thousand .The lesions start with flat and fill with fluid and crust over, die and fall. Always can see outer surface of the skin and formulating inside(Underneath the skin).

If symptoms carried out some person and contacts with a healthier one, he or she has potential to infect it. So he/she must visit a health care provider to seek attention.

New-born babies, younger ones, people with immune deficiencies may be cause to risk. People that take vaccines for small also have a kind of protection VS. Monkey pox. Mainly the illness spread with close contacts including sexual and regular contact with animals who could be infected.


There is recently developed vaccine for preventing from Monkeypox infection. Most of the countries are recommending for now a days. The safest vaccine is a vaccine which use for small pox. New small pox/ Monkeypox vaccines under clinical practices and there is a limited stock still scientist studying the effectiveness of the vaccine . Mostly use Jenneos and in more than 7800 individuals have taken that vaccine and most commonly reported effects are pain, redness swelling itching firmness at the injection site, muscle pain, headache and fatigue. Jenneos is administrate in two doses given four weeks apart.

Genetic level investigations

Monkey pox is a double stranded DNA virus. It’s much larger include 200 000 base pairs. It s probably been infect humans for very long time. But it was first isolated in 1958.The crab eating macaques and it cause the name monkeypox. It effected to humans in first time in democratic republic in Congo in 1970 s. It is the region where the monkey pox found in first. So according to that there are two significant strains called Central African strain and West African strain. The death rate from infection is 10 %  of called Central African strain and 1-3% in West African strain. The virus spread in UK most similar to  the West African strain.

This virus actually come from African small mammals and rodens In 2003 there’s a out brake of united state due to the monkeypox. Just because of animal who passed from endemic region of central affrica. They transported broad into the united states cause animal to human infection .34 medical records taken to the research and find out rash and effected with raised lesions and became pustule lesions. And also at that time period they found three persons who have answered positive to monkeypox .That means they generated antibodies against the symptoms and there weren’t no symptoms among them. And finally found they have taken vaccines against the small pox. So the guys were in different ages like 13,29,43 .So that seems to confer protection to symptomatic monkeypox infection.

The lesions come differently at the several stages. First we can see early vesicle (3 mm diameter).And second one become small pustule (2mm diameter) and in the stage three it becomes an unbilicated pustule(3-4 mm diameter) and within fourth stage in becomes ulcerated lesion(5 mm diameter)and in fifth stage it becomes crusting of a mature lesion and at last it becomes a partially removed scab.

Monkeypox Transmission

Classically there are two ways .Though humans and through animals. Humans can effected due to close contact, touching saves and touching clothes. Through animals –close contact, biting /scratching and eating the meats .That we talk about rodents .And turn on the incubation and in mainly depend on mode of transmission for instance. It would be shorter the incubation period if it would a scratching or biting. It’s been set up to nine days. In humans transmission of touching it set up 13 days.

According to these details that can assume the person cannot always reliably transmitted the virus because obviously person has the virus easy to isolate from the patients. Large respiratory droplets have also been implicated in the transmitting from human to human  of  monkeypox specifically is not it would be like measles like sars covid 2. But for instance if the person within  6 feet of somebody at least 3+hours there’s a reliable transmission. Person to person the transmission predominantly goes from sexual connections.

Treatments for Monkeypox

Generally speaking the treatment for monkeypox is really supportive care. That means there’s a nasty environment sure that they are well hydrated or dehydrated. And there are anti-viral treatments. Frist one is Ticovirimat 600 mg orally twice daily generally speaking 14 days. This is FDA approved small pox also approved in July 2018. Mechanism of this drug is to prevent ,formation a significant protein in the virus that makes infectious able to infect other cells in in the patient.

Other one is Brincidotovir 200 mg orally weakly times 2 doses. This one also approved FDA  in June 2021. Last one is Cidofovir. But the issue of this one is not really approve for small poxor even mokeypox. It also gives problems to kidney. Above two can’t get from the pharmacists due to drug companies only distribute to us department of defense.

Post exposure prophylaxis

The first thing that you can do is Vaccinnia immune globlulan. These the people who do immuno compromise might need to do basically. Our antibodies that are derived from other patience to have the infection in the past or they are a genetically engineered to be animal antibodies which we called pustule react also go again the monkeypox virus.

Even up to 14 days post exposure you can actually take the vaccine Jynneos and that also for immune commitment patience. Almost all the viral infections can suppress our immune system ,So better to take precautions against the viruses and stay update about current pandemics as well. Want more updates.

Monkeypox is a viral disease and kind of a zoonotic infection which means spread from animals to humans. As well as person to person. There are several symptoms that we can identify. Some have mild symptoms and others have sever symptoms. Pregnant women, children and those with impaired systems are higher risk for serious illness…

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